Please help our most vulnerable babies survive and thrive

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We are working to improve the survival rate of these vulnerable babies and also improve the quality of life for many more.

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Monash Children’s Hospital is leading the way to better treatments for very preterm babies. Your gift will help save and improve the lives of our vulnerable babies.

In Australia, around 10% of babies are born preterm. Despite significant advances in neonatal intensive care, many of these babies are at high risk of complications and some of them, sadly, do not survive. 

Monash Children’s Hospital has the largest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Victoria with 64 beds dedicated to the most unwell babies. Our NICU looks after more than 200 very preterm babies every year. Some babies are born as early as 24 weeks.

A world leader

Baby’s own cells, can be taken from the umbilical cord after birth, processed and given back to the baby to support their growth and development. The therapy helps them to become stronger quicker and gives them the opportunity to live their very best life.

Please view this short video to learn more (filmed prior to COVID-19). 

Research and development for better outcomes

Yes! I want to give preterm babies a helping hand...

You can give preterm babies a helping hand that they can take with them for life.

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Are at risk of long term lung and brain complications


Will have a moderate to severe disability

Will develop cerebral palsy


Of all babies born at 24 weeks who survive:

Monash Children’s Hospital is a world leader in an innovative program to use cell therapy to treat respiratory and neurological conditions in newborns. These cells can protect, repair, and regenerate vital body tissue.

“To develop these therapies and treat more babies with these therapies, we need to invest in establishing the best cell therapy centre for the treatment of vulnerable newborns in Australia.” 

– Associate Professor Atul Malhotra, Consultant Neonatologist and Head, Early Neurodevelopment Clinic, Monash Children’s Hospital.