Every 12 minutes an Australian dies from cardiovascular disease!


Give the gift with the greatest heart today by supporting vital cardiac care at Monash Health.


The Statistics Around Cardiovascular Disease are Alarming:

    • The World Health Organisation declared that heart disease has remained the leading cause of death globally for the last 20 years, taking the lives of approximately 17.9 million lives each year.
    • Cardiovascular disease accounts for one in four deaths in Australia and claims the life of one person every twelve minutes.
    • In Australia, someone is hospitalised for cardiovascular disease every minute.
    • Over 300,000 Victorians suffer from cardiovascular disease and this figure continues to rise.


Monash Heart is committed to providing outstanding cardiac services for cardiac patients of all ages and has admitted over 7,000 patients with acute heart problems to its cardiac care units each year.

And in February this year, The Victorian Heart Hospital opened its doors, welcoming its first patients. The Victorian Heart Hospital (VHH) is Australia’s first dedicated cardiac hospital, providing tailored cardiovascular care for all Victorians and specialised life-saving procedures for our community.

It’s a momentous day for us today. It’s the start of a new era and it has been wonderful to begin this journey with the opening of Ambulatory Clinics, Diagnostic Imaging, Pathology and Pharmacy. Over the next few weeks, we are looking forward to welcoming the first inpatients into our wards, and opening what will be Australia’s first cardiac emergency.’ Professor Stephen Nicholls, Director of the Victorian Heart Hospital and Victorian Heart Institute

Alistair, no stranger to heart disease and cardiac care in Victoria, made history as the very first patient admitted to the Victorian Heart Hospital earlier this year.

While Alistair didn’t necessarily want the “honour” of being the first patient admitted to Victorian heart Hospital, he is excited to see such an important facility open in Victoria to service the needs of people needing world-class cardiac care.

We’re truly privileged to not only have a dedicated heart hospital, but to know that patients admitted will be in the care of some of Australia’s most experienced cardiac doctors and nurses. I’d like to thank the cardiologists, nurses and staff at VHH for making my stay as pleasant as possible, and for assisting me with my ongoing recovery. I urge anyone who is able to donate to the Monash Cardiac Care appeal to consider doing so.” Alistair.



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