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‘MCH @ Home’ paves the way for better patient outcomes

Thanks to a national partnership with the Curing Homesickness Alliance, Monash Children’s Hospital’s “MCH@Home” program is going to receive 100% of funds raised via Coles stores Victoria wide, through their latest $2 donation card campaign.

For 12 year old Brooke, the “MCH@Home” program means that she doesn’t need to spend as much time in the hospital, away from school, her friends and her four sisters.

After years of treating her chronic asthma and countless hospital admissions, Brooke was officially diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) when she was eight and has since been receiving ongoing care at the Monash Children’s Hospital (MCH).

By this point Brooke was in and out of the hospital, being admitted at least 3-4 times each year with lung infections and requiring IV antibiotics.

Brooke’s mum Beck recalls there had been an indication from just 6 weeks of age that she may have CF, however all the tests kept coming back inconclusive or suggested she may be a carrier rather than having the disease.

When Brooke was eventually diagnosed, she thought “Our poor little girl had been given a double whammy of chronic asthma and Cystic Fibrosis.”

Brooke had a port inserted which administers IV antibiotics to treat her lung infections along with a feeding tube in her stomach, to give Brooke additional fluid overnight, helping her to gain weight.

“Thanks to the care team of MCH@Home, Brooke can now primarily be looked after at home.”

Brooke receives periods of care, usually around 2-3 weeks at a time, however it can be longer depending on how well she does with treatment. The MCH@Home team will visit once a day for an hour or so to run the IV for her antibiotics. They also check her oxygen levels, temperature, listen to her lungs and assess her general well-being.

The team also visit Brooke at school, which means she only needs to miss one hour of school to receive her medication rather than an entire day, whilst being treated at the hospital. This means minimal impact to her learning and that she doesn’t miss out on socialising with her friends – something that means a lot to Brooke.

“Please support the program as the best medicine for our children is to be home and not in the hospital.” Brooke’s mum encourages anyone who can get behind the $2 card campaign to please do.

Simply head to your local Coles and purchase a $2 card before the campaign ends on 28 March.