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New community appeal aims to keep premmie families together

Monash Health has the largest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in Victoria, caring for the littlest and most unwell newborn babies.

The Monash Health Foundation’s new community appeal is raising funds to help purchase special cot cameras, which will enable parents to view their baby from wherever they are situated.

Mel Newton, Nurse Unit Manager – Clinical Services Lead with Monash Newborn explains:

“Having a baby in the NICU can be an amazing but challenging time for every parent,” Mel said.

“Being a state-wide service, we can have babies transferred to us from other hospitals from around Victoria. Parents, especially mums, may not be able to follow immediately and therefore can be separated from their precious baby,” she said.

“These NICU cameras will allow parents who are away from their baby, whether they are at home or still in hospital, to be able to see their baby 24/7.”

The cameras let parents watch as their baby makes daily progress and can help mums and dads form a connection with their little one.

Ron Fairchild, Director of the Monash Health Foundation said that the role of donors is vital.

“With donor support, we will be able to purchase a number of these special cameras,” Ron said.

“Parents, and even siblings and the broader family, will be able to share key moments in the early life of the baby,” he said.

“We are reaching out to our communities via direct mail and email to seek donations for this important initiative.”

For more information and to donate please visit: