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Appeal to raise funds for an enhanced emergency experience for kids

The Monash Health Foundation has launched its end of year community fundraising appeal. Funds raised will support the creation of the new Children’s Emergency Department (ED) at the Monash Health Clayton site.

Dr Adam West, director of Paediatric Emergency said that the new ED has been planned to provide exceptional and timely healthcare in a positive, welcoming, and child and family friendly environment.

“An expanded paediatric ED allows us to better treat greater numbers of patients in a more modern and up-to-date facility,” Adam said.

“We have worked very hard with our architects to deliver child and family friendly design across all of the emergency department, including the paediatric ED,” he said.

All areas in the new Children’s ED have been designed to minimise the stress and anxiety of a hospital visit. Research shows that a purpose built facility, with calming elements, creates an environment that reduces fear. When kids are calmer, they let healthcare workers treat them quickly and effectively, Adam explained.

“Ensuring that children are cared for in a warm and welcoming environment is a challenge for traditional emergency department designs. Making sure that clever design is incorporated into physical space of the emergency department means that we are better placed to our goal of a child friendly environment,” he said.

The role of the appeal is to add to the funding from the Victorian Government and create additional features that enhance care.

“Some of the elements that will further improve of patient experience in the ED include ambient lighting features, quiet rooms for relaxation and entertainment systems to distract children during stressful situations. Access to modern and state-of-the art patient monitoring systems will make the care we provide world class,” Adam said.

The new Children’s Emergency Department will provide extra beds and equipment for children attending, allowing Monash Health to treat an additional 7,000 children each year.

“We have a great paediatric emergency department now. But we can take great and make it better.”

For more information visit: www.monashhealthappeal.org