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Gifts in wills

Having a will in place is an important way to protect your family.

By making a gift in your will to Monash Health (also known as a bequest) you will be creating a legacy that will have a lasting impact on patient care, education and medical research.  

Leaving even just 1% of your estate ensures that Monash Health will be able to make a significant difference to the lives of sick people for many years to come. Every gift matters – big or small. 

Your gift to Monash Health will be carefully managed by the Monash Health Foundation which is legally and ethically responsible for ensuring that your wishes are honoured and respected.  

If you would like to discuss how you can help Monash Health through your will, please call the Monash Health Foundation on (03) 9594 2700 or email foundation@monashhealth.org  – all communication will be held in the strictest confidence. 

Clive and Diane have included a gift in their will Monash Health  

In 2006, 11-year-old Kayla was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, an abnormal widening of the airways.  

Kayla’s parents, Clive and Diane elected to have Kayla treated at Monash Children’s Hospital as it was relatively close to home and meant frequent trips to and from her appointments would be a little less stressful.  

Despite being concerned about treatment and Kayla’s long-term health, Clive says that “every staff member at Monash were incredibly supportive every step of the way, from nursing and support staff through to her specialists.”  

It was that constant communication, reassurance and ongoing support that really made the difference for the family at this emotionally challenging and life-changing time. Kayla was admitted to Monash Children’s 8 times over 2 years, with each stay being for at least 3 weeks at a time, with checkups in between.  

“This was of course very tiring for Kayla, both mentally and physically. What made all the difference was that we knew Kayla was in the very best of hands, both medically and emotionally,” said Clive.  

As Clive and Diane started thinking about retirement and ensuring their finances were in order, they discussed including a gift to Monash Children’s Hospital in their will. “Kayla was given exceptional care at Monash, and we felt one of the best ways we could say thank you and give back to the hospital was to leave a bequest in our will,” Diane said.  

“Kayla is now living a happy and relatively normal life thanks in large part to the staff at Monash Children’s Hospital who went above and beyond.”  

Clive, Kayla and Diane

Special opportunity for the Monash Health Community via our friends at Safewill  

Write your will with Safewill from the comfort of your own home. 

Safewill’s online Will-writing service allows you to appoint guardians for your children, set out how you want to divide your estate and leave gifts to charities that mean the most to you – like Monas Health. You can complete it all online, from home, in as little as 20 minutes. 

Whilst writing a Will online may not be for everyone, particularly those with complex estates, thousands more Australians have been able to create their valid Will within the comfort of their own home, in just a few clicks. 

It covers the basic features of Will writing including executorship, appointing guardians for your children and pets, and estate distribution. Safewill also allows you to leave behind meaningful gifts, create comprehensive asset lists for your executor and specify funeral instructions. 

Their platform makes it easy for the 70% of Australians who don’t have a legally binding will to create one, through a simple online platform. Every will is reviewed by a practicing Australian solicitor.  

Safewills invites our Monash Health Foundation Community to write their will at half the usual cost (now only $80).Click here to find out more. 

An ongoing legacy   

In May 2023, Monash Health lost a valued member of its community when friend and passionate ambassador of the Monash Health Foundation, Twanny Farrugia passed away.  

Twanny was a long-time patient at Monash Health, having received a kidney transplant in 1971. 

He lived an incredibly full life despite being, as he said “the healthiest sick person you’ll meet”, dancing, cycling and running for almost 50 years post-transplant – making him one of the longest-surviving transplant recipients in Australia. 

“Twanny was highly motivated by the gift of life he received as a young man and was devoted to raising awareness of the work we do here at Monash until the end,” said Professor Peter Kerr, Head of Nephrology Services at Monash Health.  

Twanny set up a trust in perpetuity to express his gratitude for the invaluable work of the Nephrology Department to help him live life to the fullest. 

Throughout his life, Twanny remained steadfast in his passion for giving back. He strongly advocated for others to consider leaving bequests in their will to benefit future patients in an area of health that is meaningful to them.  

On behalf of the Monash Health community, we thank Twanny for his lifetime of support and generous gift. 

Twanny and his assistance dog, Lady Val.