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Monash Health launches fundraising appeal to support research into COVID-19 treatments

In the week beginning 25 May, households across Melbourne had the opportunity to donate in support of Monash Health research to find the best treatments for people with COVID-19.

The first wave of the community appeal saw fundraising letters arrive at more than 330,000 Melbourne homes.

Ron Fairchild, director of the Monash Health Foundation, said the funds raised will support vital research.

“There is some ground-breaking research into treatments for COVID-19 underway at the moment at Monash Health, while other novel COVID-19 treatment studies are ready to progress but are waiting for seed funding,” Ron said.

“Our health care teams have been on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19. From treating the first confirmed COVID-19 patient in Australia to our emergency departments, intensive care units, wards, screening clinics and support services – our health service has transformed due to the coronavirus.

“We are progressing on the COVID-19 research side, but we can strive to do more in this space and that’s when philanthropy and community generosity come in.”

The appeal and the associated awareness campaign featured a range of Monash Health employees including nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, researchers and patient services assistants.

To donate in support of Monash Health’s research visit our COVID-19 appeal page.