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Friends of the Children Foundation recognised for their support for Monash Children’s Hospital

Associate Professor Atul Malhotra recently publicly thanked the Friends of the Children Foundation for their history of support for Monash Children’s Hospital.

Atul is a Consultant Neonatologist and Head, Early Neurodevelopment Clinic at Monash Children’s Hospital. He is also the Co-Chair of Monash Children’s Hospital Simulation Centre.

Founded by Shashi Kochhar OAM, the Friends of the Children Foundation (FOTCF) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation focused on creating a better future for children.

Over recent years, the FOTCF has donated more than $100,000 to initiatives across Monash Children’s Hospital. The FOTCF also initiated the Walk for Monash Children’s Hospital close to ten years ago, which has helped raise $1.2 million.

The most recent donation from the FOTCF was more than $15,000 to help purchase mother-baby mannequins for training and education purposes.

“Thank you, Shashi and the Friends of the Children Foundation, for your generous support,” Atul said.

“With your donations we have been able to purchase vital equipment through which we can train doctors and nurses on life-saving procedures during childbirth. With the confidence and expertise and the skills they acquire during this training, they are able to deliver better care for their patients.”

Associate Professor Felix Oberender, Director of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Monash Children’s Hospital, added his thanks in a video specially recorded for the FOTCF’s recent fundraising dinner.

“On behalf of the PICU team, I’d like to say a very heartfelt thanks to Shashi and the Friends of the Children Foundation for their wonderful support,” Felix said.

“With your support we have been able to purchase one of our best trainers – a child mannequin we have named Winston Shashi Picu in honour of Shashi. Winston Shashi allows us to train, to practise and to be the best clinicians we can for our patients,” he said.

“We come into the training room as a team and ‘save the life’ of Winston Shashi several times a week. Thank you,” said Felix.