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Thank you for giving our young patients the gift of a smile!

Konrad, one of our young patients who was born with bowel outside of his body, was in hospital for the entire first year of his life. He is just one of many young patients who have benefitted from the Music and Child Life Therapy Programs at Monash Children’s Hospital.

Over $90,000 has been raised through our 2022 Tax Appeal in support of the Music and Child Life Therapy Programs at Monash Children’s Hospital. Our community’s heart-warming response to supporting these vital programs will go a long way in making our young patient’s care experience easier and more comfortable.

In response to the funds raised, Konrad’s mum, Shannyn says: “I’m so proud everyone has seen the importance of these therapies as well as the associated emotional journey that comes with it. The distractions used for Konrad during his many unpleasant procedures really meant everything to me. Not to mention that each member of the Music and Child Life Therapy teams at Monash Children’s Hospital helped shaped Konrad into the beautiful, bright and clever boy he is today.”

Being in hospital is a challenging time for any child…thank you to all those who have given them the gift of a smile and so much more.

Each donation received through this appeal will make a difference in continuing to help the many children who are admitted to Monash Children’s Hospital adjust to their diagnosis and the hospital environment as well as helping to distract them from invasive procedures.

If you would like to donate to Monash Health, either as a one-off donation or as an ongoing regular donor, please visit: www.monashhealthfoundation.org/donate