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In memory of Twanny Farrugia

It’s with sadness that we share with our community that our dear friend and loyal supporter, Twanny Farrugia passed away earlier in May.

Twanny was a long-time patient at Monash Health, having received a kidney transplant in 1971.

He lived an incredibly full life despite being, as he said “the healthiest sick person you’ll meet”, dancing, cycling and running for almost 50 years post-transplant –  making him one of the longest-surviving transplant recipients in Australia.

Twanny set up a trust in perpetuity  to express his gratitude for the invaluable work of the Nephrology Department to help him live life to the fullest. Twanny was so passionate about giving back, that he went on to advocate strongly for others to consider leaving bequests in their wills in order to benefit future patients in an area of health that might be close to them.

On behalf of Monash Health,  we pay tribute to Twanny – for all he did during his lifetime, and for what his generosity will continue to do for patients across Monash Health.