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Why Francis is giving back.

In 2017, Francis was shocked when he was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. With no time to waste, Francis endured surgery and intensive chemotherapy among other treatments to give him the best chance of survival.

Seven years on Francis is a survivor and is determined to use his experience to raise awareness and funds to support those currently living with a cancer diagnosis.

“If it wasn’t for the incredible doctors, nurses, surgeons and staff at Monash Health Moorabbin Cancer Centre, I wouldn’t be here spreading this message of hope to those who truly need it most,” says Francis.

In December of 2023, Francis returned to the ward at the Moorabbin Cancer Centre where he spent so much of his time battling cancer.

Francis was reunited with several of the nurses, doctors and specialists who cared for him, and in his words “helped save my life.”

“To be able to visit the ward as a healthy person is very emotional for me, I am so incredibly grateful to be able to come back and thank these incredible people,” Francis said.

“The kindness, support and encouragement the nurses at Moorabbin demonstrated throughout my treatment was absolutely a factor in my recovery – they kept me motivated.”

Sheeree, one of the nurses who cared for Francis during his treatment, was thrilled to have him visiting the ward post recovery.

“It is incredibly valuable to have past patients who have recovered come in and visit – it’s a real motivator and goes a long way in terms of giving us a morale boost,” Sheeree explained.

Francis (seated) and nurses from Monash Health Moorabbin Cancer Centre

Francis’ upbeat and optimistic outlook is reflected perfectly in the way he has chosen to raise funds for the Moorabbin Cancer Centre, with him setting up a family friendly community fundraiser next month; bringing an idea that he had during his treatment to life.

In honour of Francis’ 40th birthday, and to celebrate his love of Ford motor cars, he has teamed up with the FPV and XR Owners Club of Victoria along with several other local businesses and related car clubs for a twilight community fundraiser.

Monash Health and the car club have fully backed the event with many volunteers and a dedicated sub-committee all contributing their precious time and ideas to make the event a success. As the car club’s Secretary, Francis is beyond proud of what the club
has managed to achieve so far towards the cause and Monash Health.

“Ultimately, I want to see a cure for cancer – until then, I want to show my gratitude to the people, and the place who helped save my life which is why I’m hoping as many people as possible come and get involved with our fundraiser,” he explains.

Beyond his 40th birthday and car club fundraiser, Francis has expressed his intention to leave a bequest in his will to the Monash Health Foundation, with the funds directed directly to Ward 2 at the Moorabbin Cancer Centre.

“I truly believe that the team at Moorabbin were instrumental in me surviving this – and the act of leaving a bequest to ensure the team can continue saving lives means a lot to me.” Francis explains.

“Every contribution goes a long way in us supporting people living with a cancer diagnosis. Whether it’s through a community fundraiser, a bequest in your will or a once off donation – every little bit counts.”

If you’d like to bring your own pride and joy on wheels or perhaps attend & contribute toward the fundraiser on Sunday 3 March, you can learn more here: FPV & XR Owners Club of Victoria – Twilight pizza and cars night – Monash cancer unit fundraiser

A direct link to the donation page can be found here

If you would like to learn more about leaving a bequest in your will, head to The Monash
Health Foundation bequests page.